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The best thing about the Shazam tag chart is it’s up to date, live and a good reflection of what people are enjoying – not what commercial radio stations want you to hear.

Fête Ballroom
Doors: 6:00 PM
Tickets: $75
All Ages
Dress code mandatory: No sweat pants, no saggy pants, no work boots, no hats. Dress to impress

Gracie May Green And Tory Bellamy - New Year New Swap
Gracie May Green’s family and Tory Bellamy’s family joined forces for one of the best new years eve parties of the decade! Everyone was having a great time, including the girls moms who were chugging down more than their fair share of champagne. When the moms passed out from over drinking, Gracie May and Tory started to talk about how the only bad part of their night was that their dates stood them up. What made them feel a little better though was that since their moms were already passed out, it was like their dads dates did not show up either. They devised a plan that when the clock struck midnight they would smooch their dads and see how far they could take it. Sure enough just as the ball dropped the girls started ferociously kissing their opposite papas and what ensued after wass some daughter swapping sucking and fucking! The only thing better than popping off a bottle of champagne after new years is popping a fat nut off onto your daughters best friends face! Happy New Year Swappers!

“The hard work, the practice it takes, the sacrifice the kids make of all that time and energy, the repetitive nature of it, pushing yourself to exhaustion more times than not,” he said. “Then you go out and put all that preparation to the test. And you do what you do. And there it is.”

On January 1, 2009, The Future is Now (Helios and Dorado) lost their first match together against Team . (Icarus, Gran Akuma ). [35] At the 2009 King of Trios tournament , The Future is Now defeated Team DDT ( Kota Ibushi , KUDO and Michael Nakazawa) [36] and The Osirian Portal (Amasis, Ophidian and Escorpion Egipcio) [37] in the first and quarterfinal rounds, respectively, before losing to Team . (Icarus, Gran Akuma and Chuck Taylor ) [38] in the semi-finals. Following the tournament, The Future is Now then began a feud with The Osirian Portal, resulting in Helios defeating Escorpion Egipcio in a singles match at Behind The 8 Ball on April 25 [39] and The Future is Now defeating The Osirian Portal at The Bobliographon event the following day. [40] On the first show of 2010, Lince Dorado turned on Equinox and left the Future is Now to join the new heel stable Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (BDK). [41] In May 2010, during the Aniversario weekend, Helios and Equinox first defeated Dorado and his BDK teammate Tim Donst in a tag team match and then won a four-team elimination match to earn the three points needed in order to challenge for the Campeonatos de Parejas . [42] [43] Helios and Equinox received their title shot on June 27 at Faded Scars and Lines , but were defeated by the defending champions BDK ( Ares and Claudio Castagnoli) in two straight falls, after a pre–match assault. [44] The Future is Now came to its end on September 19, 2010, when Olsen left the stable to re–form his old tag team with Colin Delaney. [45] This event also marked Helios' final appearance for Chikara as he began working regularly for both Dragon Gate and Dragon Gate USA .

Chuck Daniels The Funky FlarnumChuck Daniels The Funky FlarnumChuck Daniels The Funky FlarnumChuck Daniels The Funky Flarnum